Emerging Leaders Program

“Your voice is essential to the now and to the future of who we are clinically, academically and spiritually. So I urge you to fully participate in our truly important Emerging Leaders Program. Be a part of this tradition, be a part of AOSSM!”

– Michael G. Ciccotti, MD President, AOSSM

“As a current resident pursuing sports medicine fellowship, I love AOSSM due to the support this organization provides for the growth and development of orthopedic sports medicine surgeons.”

– Molly Day, MD

“It is critical that we as orthopaedic surgeons stay current, and the AOSSM, its programs and its journals help us to do exactly that. Nearly all of the major players in the field of sports medicine are involved in the AOSSM.”

– Joseph Lamplot, MD

Build Your Future, Today!

The AOSSM Emerging Leaders Program is a resource and leadership development program for sports medicine orthopaedic surgeons under the age of 45. Participation in the Emerging Leaders Program provides you with the skills and guidance to launch your career.

  • Networking with established AOSSM members
  • Opportunities to connect and work with accomplished peers across the globe
  • Interactive leadership development events, including the Emerging Leaders Retreat. Be on the lookout for more information about the first ever Emerging Leaders Retreat held in Nashville, TN in July 2021!


The Mission of the Emerging Leaders Program is:

  • To interest, embrace and nurture the highest quality Sports Physicians in our Society
  • To maximize the ongoing benefit of our Society for athletes thru the highest level research and education guided by young leaders
  • To ensure the long-term sustainability and relevance of our Society thru a seamless progression of leadership