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Volunteer Applications

Get Involved in The Society

Every year, AOSSM accepts new volunteers to serve on its standing committees. These volunteer committees form the lifeblood of AOSSM and provide guidance for Society programs and projects. Those who join committees not only heighten their experience as an AOSSM member, but form ties of fellowship with their colleagues that can last throughout their career. Because different committees work so closely with each other to help accomplish the Society’s mission, participating in a committee is an excellent way to see how AOSSM develops its meetings, courses, publications, and other resources.

Participating on a committee is an excellent opportunity to see how AOSSM develops its meetings, courses, publications, and other resources. In July 2020, the Bylaws were modernized to allow Residents to serve on many committees. Now all members, except those in the International category, are eligible to serve on AOSSM Committees. All committees (except Traveling Fellows and Hall of Fame) have a dedicated slot for a member under the age of 40 years old. Committee members serve a three-year term. Committee chairs serve a two or three-year term.

Volunteer Requirements

Requirements and duties vary by committee. Across all committees, volunteers are required to:

  • Maintain an Active, Affiliate, Candidate, Emeritus, Honorary, or Resident AOSSM membership.
  • Attend regular committee meetings, which are typically scheduled in conjunction with Specialty Day each spring and the AOSSM Annual Meeting each summer.
  • Serve a three-year non-renewable term.

Application Process

Appointment of volunteers to the Society’s standing committees is made by the Volunteer Appointment Committee, which meets in the spring of each year.

The application period will open in January. Volunteers will be notified if they have been selected by May.

If you are not selected to serve on a committee, your application will be considered as other volunteer opportunities arise throughout the year.

If you have questions, call 847.292.4900 or email us at [email protected].

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