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Sports Medicine Update

Current Issue

Spring 2024

Sports Medicine Update is AOSSM's quarterly publication on all the latest Society news, available resources, and developments within the orthopaedic sports medicine community.

In this Issue

From the President: Leading Collaboratively

By Dean C. Taylor, MD, COL (ret) USA

This message from the President underscores the critical role of collaboration in sports medicine, highlighting how AOSSM leverages partnerships across global and national levels to advance patient care, research, and education in the field.

    • From the President

Evolving Concepts in Anterior Cruciate Ligament Surgery

By Suzanna Ohlsen, MD, Mia S. Hagen, MD

The newest data on ACL reconstruction (ACLR) graft selection, lateral augmentation techniques, and ACL repair.

    • Physicians' Corner

Lacrosse in America – Trends, Injuries, Gender Differences, & Prevention

By Alexandria Chrumka, MD, Joseph H. Guettler, MD

By fostering collaboration between stakeholders, including players, coaches, governing bodies, and medical professionals, the lacrosse community can strive towards a safer, equal, and more inclusive sporting environment for all participants.

    • Physicians' Corner
    • Industry Insights

Platelet-Rich Plasma for Osteoarthritis in 2024 – More Hype

By Daniel J. Stokes, MD, Rachel M. Frank, MD

PRP is a promising management option for symptom modification in the setting of knee OA. Clinical studies have demonstrated the utility of PRP as a safe, resource-conscious, and efficacious treatment for knee OA, providing symptomatic relief and improved patient-reported outcomes.

    • Physicians' Corner

A Conversation on Leadership

Get a sneak preview of the Annual Meeting Game Changer session on leadership in this Q&A with General Robert B. Brown, U.S. Army (Ret.) and Dean C. Taylor, MD, AOSSM President, Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery, and Team Physician for Duke University.

    • From the President
    • Industry Insights

That Won’t Happen to My Young Pitcher! (Until It Does)

By Henry Bone Ellis, MD, Dane R. G. Lind, BA

Throwing injuries in baseball and softball athletes are not only painful, but can severely impact or limit a young athlete’s enjoyment and potential in their chosen sport. Read about prevention, treatment and rehabilitation guidelines for parents, coaches, trainers and physicians.

    • Industry Insights

Advancing Women in Orthopaedics Through Partnership

By Constance R. Chu, MD, Juliet DeCampos, MD, Laura Alberton, MD, Mary Lloyd Ireland, MD

The FORUM, a society dedicated to the advancement of women orthopaedic sports medicine surgeons, has made great strides. Read more about its history and the growing partnership with AOSSM.

    • Industry Insights

Return to Play Decision-Making: Balancing Athlete Health and Competitive Goals

By Matthew S. Fury, MD, Meghan E. Bishop, MD

One of the most rewarding aspects of being a sports medicine surgeon is guiding an athlete through recovery from an injury and successfully returning them to the field. It's crucial to prioritize the athlete's best interest, communicate effectively, and consider the athlete's overall condition when making decisions about their return to play.

    • Industry Insights
    • Early Career Engagement

Including PhDs on the Clinical Research Team

By Tyler Barker, PhD, Lynette L. Craft, PhD

PhDs are gaining recognition for bringing valuable benefits to clinical research teams beyond their traditional expertise in basic science, thanks to their diverse scientific backgrounds. Their skills in identifying knowledge gaps and designing and conducting clinical studies contribute senior-level research and scientific advantages to the team.

    • Research

Importance of the ABOS Peer Review and Case List Evaluation Processes

By David F. Martin, MD

The American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery (ABOS) emphasizes the importance of self-regulation in maintaining high standards for patient safety and ethical practice. Through methods like the Peer Review process and the submission of a surgical Case List, ABOS ensures that orthopaedic surgeons meet rigorous criteria for Board Certification and Maintenance of Certification (MOC).

    • Industry Insights
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