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Sports Medicine Update: All Articles

From the President: Leading for the Future

By Dean C. Taylor, MD, COL (ret) USA

2023 AOSSM President Dean Taylor discusses how developing and educating emerging leaders is imperative to the future of the sports medicine field.

Avoid a “Pickle:” Know this Booming Sport’s Perks and Pitfalls

By Joseph H. Guettler, MD, Christopher Vasileff, MD

The fastest growing sport in the United States, pickleball can be safe and enjoyable for athletes of all ages and abilities.

Sideline Emergencies: A Review of Best Practices

By Caitlin C. Chambers, MD, Logan Reitz, MD

This review provides information for team physicians, athletic trainers and other allied health professionals to diagnose and treat the most common sideline emergencies.

Augmented Reality Based Remote Surgical Education

By The AOSSM Technology Committee

The application of AR can positively impact the transfer of surgical skills and knowledge regardless of background, training level or geographic location.

Planning for Retirement? But I Just Started!

By Champ L. Baker III, MD, Matthew S. Fury, MD

Ensuring a successful retirement requires the same fundamentals that are used in a physician’s daily clinical practice: setting appropriate expectations, comprehensive pre-planning, assessment of new information or circumstances and frequent outcomes analysis.

“High Five” to The Aircast Foundation

By Nathan Skelley, MD

A Playmaker Grant winner outlines progress made with award funds from the 2021 contest at the AOSSM Annual Meeting.

2023 Annual Meeting Highlights

A recap of the education and celebration in our nation’s capital.

Modifications to ABOS MOC Program

By David F. Martin, MD

The American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery introduces changes to the Maintenance of Certification program to remain meaningful and valuable to ABOS Diplomates, while also ensuring patient populations are still protected.

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