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Sports Medicine Fellowships

Throughout the year, AOSSM offers a number of resources to guide sports medicine fellows before, during, and after training. We work with nationwide ACGME-accredited fellowship programs for the single Orthopaedics Match process, facilitate the AOSSM Fellows Exam to evaluate strengths, learning opportunities and help meet the ACGME Fellow Evaluation and ACGME Medical Knowledge Competency requirements, and support training with the annual Fellows Course and additional benefits including access to online education and leading research journals. AOSSM launched the very popular, free Fellows Webinar Series in April 2020 and it will continue through July 2021.

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Industry Research

Current Member Research Surveys

Provide fellow members and sports medicine professionals with valuable information to make a positive research impact! Continually updated with new surveys. 

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PLAYBOOK        • Recorded: AOSSM Virtual Annual Meeting 2020

PLAYBOOK        • Recorded: AOSSM/AAOS Orthopaedic Sports Medicine Review Course

VIRTUAL             • Virtual:  2018, 2019, 2020 Self Assessment Examinations 

OCT 21               • TELEHEALTH WEBINAR PART 1:
                               Can you see me now? Optimizing Telehealth in Sports Medicine 
                               Telehealth: What?, Why?, How?

OCT 28               • TELEHEALTH WEBINAR PART 2:
                              Can you see me now? Optimizing Telehealth in Sports Medicine
                              Getting Paid and Staying Out of Trouble

NOV 4                 • TELEHEALTH WEBINAR PART 3:
                               Can you see me now? Optimizing Telehealth in Sports Medicine
                               Where Do We Go From Here?

MAR 2021           • Virtual: Specialty Day 2021

JULY 2021           • 2021 Annual Meeting Nashville