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Committee Profile

Reports To:Foundational Communities Council (Marketing and Membership)

The members of the Membership Committee review membership applications received for consideration and make final recommendations on accepted members to the Board of Directors, as well as decide on member and membership disputes.

Committee Term:

Members-at-large serve three (3) consecutive years upon appointment; Chairperson(s) can serve either two (2) consecutive years or three (3) consecutive years, depending on when they were named to the chair role.

Committee Size: Maximum of 5 total, including 4 members at large and one chairperson.
Rotation Schedule: 2/1/2 (2024: 2; 2025: 1; 2026: 2; 2027: 2; 2028: 1; 2029: 2, and so on)

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Promotes membership in AOSSM at all levels.
  • Reviews membership applications received for consideration.
  • Make final recommendations on accepted members to the Board of Directors.
  • Decides on member and membership disputes.
  • Regularly review the member application process and update as needed.
  • Promote membership benefits to current and potential members for society retention and growth.
  • Encourage colleague attendance at AOSSM courses and events, such as the Annual Meeting.

Time Commitment:

  • Most of this committee’s work will be conducted via email.
  • Three to four committee meetings annually, including one in-person meeting at Annual Meeting
  • Virtual conference calls if needed.


  • All members, except those in the International category, are eligible to serve as committee members at large.
  • Chairperson must be an AOSSM Active Member.
  • Passion for the AOSSM Brand and eagerness to help build and strengthen the brand.

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Volunteer committees form the lifeblood of AOSSM and provide guidance for Society programs and projects. Every year, we accept new volunteers to serve on our standing committees. The application period will open in January.

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