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Marketing and Communications

Committee Profile

Reports To:Foundational Communities Council (Marketing and Membership)
The members of the Marketing and Communications Committee are a dedicated group of Brand Ambassadors instrumental in strengthening the Society’s brand and building momentum around our mission as well as our courses, events, publications and programs through communication vehicles and technology resources.
Committee Term: Members-at-large serve three (3) consecutive years upon appointment; Chairperson(s) can serve either two (2) consecutive years or three (3) consecutive years, depending on when they were named to the chair role.
Committee Size: Maximum of 20 total, including 19 members at large and one chairperson or 18 members and two co-chairs.
Rotation Schedule: 6/8/6 (2024: 6; 2025: 8; 2026: 6; 2027:6; 2028: 8; 2029: 6, and so on)
Other: Committee members are cross-functional across all areas of marketing activities.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  1. Serve as AOSSM Brand Ambassadors, helping to build and strengthen our community by creating and engaging with AOSSM social media posts and official blogs, creating dialogue through regular, independent interaction.
  2. Participate in the creation and review of a multi-year AOSSM editorial calendar and contribute content to newsletters, blogs and social media to meet the goals of the calendar.
  3. Provide guidance to AOSSM Professional Team in understanding communication preferences and needs of members and affiliate audiences across traditional, new and emerging communication vehicles.
  4. Encourage attendance at the AOSSM Annual Meeting and other courses through peer-to-peer networking.
  5. Provide feedback to the AOSSM Professional Team on user experience on new and emerging technology. Provide articles, blog and social content related to industry application of emerging technology.

Time Commitment:

  • Most of this committee’s work will be conducted via email and group chat
  • One in-person meeting at Annual Meeting
  • Virtual Conference Calls, maximum of two, if needed
  • Each 2nd and 3rd year member must submit one newsletter article or one blog post
  • Committee members will actively participate in the Society’s annual social media plan which will involve re-posting/re-tweeting/sharing an AOSSM social post via their own professional account(s) per the guidelines.
  • Committee members must engage in peer-to-peer networking to encourage participation in the AOSSM Annual Meeting, courses and program.


  • AOSSM Active, Affiliate, Candidate or Resident Member.
  • Passion for the AOSSM Brand and eagerness to help build and strengthen the brand.
  • Interest in creating and sharing content through a combination of articles and sharing insights through the AOSSM social media channels.
  • Familiarity with using social media platforms and willingness to independently re-post and share AOSSM social content.
  • Create community through frequent engagement via AOSSM communication vehicles, primarily social media.
  • Encourage colleague attendance at AOSSM courses and events, such as the Annual Meeting.
  • Collaborate with other committee members and Professional Team to share insights on technology user experience.

*Note: Per the Board of Directors July 2023, this committee unites the Publications Committee and the Social Media Engagement Committee in 2023, and the Technology Committee in 2024. The roles and responsibilities have been updated to align these three areas under Marketing and Communications.

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