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Enduring Education

Committee Profile

Reports To:

Knowledge Access (Education) Council

The members of the Enduring Education Committee provide oversight for the Society’s Educational Curriculum and all enduring education programs. They develop new initiatives for online, multimedia, and other re-purposed material. Committee members promote enduring educational activities including online offerings.

Committee Term:

Members-at-large serve three (3) consecutive years upon appointment; Chairperson can serve either two (2) consecutive years or (3) consecutive years, depending on when they were named to the chair role.

Committee Size:

Maximum of 14 total, including 13 members-at-large and 1 chairperson.

Rotation Schedule:

3/3 (2024: 3; 2025: 3) will merge with the Education Committee by August 2025

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Provides oversight for enduring education programs.
  • Develops new initiatives for online, multimedia, and other re-purposed material.
  • Create and contribute to new online programs and update existing online programs.
  • Organize the journal-based CME on the Society’s eLearning Zone.

Time Commitment:

  • Most of the committee’s work will be conducted via email and group chat.
  • Three to five meetings annually, including one optional in-person meeting at Annual Meeting.
  • Committee members promote enduring educational activities, including online meetings, and develop content for online offerings.


  • Committee members should be knowledgeable of current AOSSM educational offerings, particularly within the eLearning Zone.
  • Preference given to those with familiarity in training or education.
  • All members, except those in the International category, are eligible to serve as committee members at large.
  • Chairperson must be an AOSSM Active Member.

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