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Council of Delegates

Committee Profile

Reports To:

Executive and Governance Council

The Council of Delegates (CoD) is the primary liaison between the Society membership and the Board of Directors and Committees. This is a dedicated group eager to engage with members at the grassroots level. The CoD’s function is to provide a forum for the exchange of information and ideas as well as a conduit between the membership and the AOSSM Board and Committees.

Committee Term:

Per AOSSM Bylaws, Members-at-large serve three (3) consecutive years upon appointment. Members-at-large are eligible to serve a second consecutive three (3) year term after their first term, but then must wait three (3) years until they are eligible for self-nomination again.

The Chairperson can serve three (3) consecutive years in the Chair role. The Vice-Chair can serve three (3) consecutive years in this role, then serve an additional three (3) consecutive years if elected to the Chair role.

Committee Size:

The number of delegates for each state is based on the number of current members in the Active and Candidate categories in the respective state. A member’s state is determined by their primary work/institution location and not their residence.

Rotation Schedule:

The election of delegates varies as it is based on the number of current members in the state.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Delegates nominate AOSSM members for the Thomas A. Brady Community Service Award.
  • Delegates are asked to welcome new AOSSM members who join from their state.
  • Delegates help identify potential new members in their state.
  • Delegates act as a means of communication to members in their state and facilitate communication between the members and the Board of Directors and Committees.
  • Delegates act as mentors to the new members.

Time Commitment:

  • Delegates are expected to be active participants in CoD meetings during the year. Typically, the meeting schedule includes one (1) virtual meeting in the spring, one (1) in-person meeting in the summer at the Annual Meeting, and one (1) virtual meeting in the fall.
  • Each state delegate is charged with disseminating information from CoD meetings to the Society members in his or her state and for providing feedback from their state’s membership to the appropriate AOSSM governing bodies.
  • Delegates will communicate through email between calls and meetings.


  • AOSSM Active or Candidate Member
  • Eager to engage with members at the grassroots level.

Get Involved in The Society

Volunteer committees form the lifeblood of AOSSM and provide guidance for Society programs and projects. Every year, we accept new volunteers to serve on our standing committees. The application period will open in January.

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