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A Note from AOSSM’s CoD Chair

By Matthew J. Matava, MD

    • Society News
Matthew J. Matava, MD, CoD Chair

As the newly appointed Chair of the AOSSM Council of Delegates (CoD), I wanted to provide a brief overview of the Council, its composition and duties as many members may be unfamiliar with the vital role the CoD plays in connecting the Society’s leadership with its membership.

The CoD is the primary liaison between AOSSM members, the Board of Directors, and 18 volunteer committees. Its primary function is to provide a two-way forum for the exchange of information and ideas between members at the grassroots level and the Board of Directors. Pressing issues that eventually affect all AOSSM members are often generated at the state and regional level. The CoD reports directly to the Executive and Governance Council, which illustrates the importance that AOSSM leadership places on the CoD.

The CoD is comprised of a dedicated group of individuals who are eager to engage with members who are often faced with unique issues and challenges that are dependent on the state in which they reside and practice. The delegate members represent each U.S. state in addition to the District of Columbia, Canada, and the U.S. military. The number of delegates each state is entitled to is based upon the number of Active and Candidate AOSSM members in that state. Each spring, all Active and Candidate members are invited to nominate themselves to serve on the CoD. Nominees are then voted on by the Active and Candidate members of their state and those receiving the highest number of votes are appointed to the CoD.

The delegates serve a three-year term with the possibility of re-election for a second term. A Chairperson is nominated by the state delegates and appointed by AOSSM's CoD Executive Committee and can serve in this leadership role for three consecutive years. A Vice-Chair is similarly appointed and can serve three consecutive years in that role, and an additional three consecutive years if elected to the Chair role. The CoD has an Executive Committee comprised of the Chairperson, Vice-Chair and four Member’s-at-Large.

Katherine J. Coyner MD, MBA, CoD Member, Connecticut

The CoD meets three times each year with one virtual meeting held in the spring, one in-person summer meeting during the Society’s Annual Meeting, and a second virtual meeting in the fall. Impromptu meetings and various task forces are convened, as necessary, based on the issue and its degree of urgency.

The foremost task of the CoD centers around member communication. Delegates act as a conduit between members in their state and the Society’s leadership. Each delegate is encouraged to welcome new members who join AOSSM and help identify potential members within their respective states. The delegates often act as mentors to newer members who are just beginning their practices in a new location or who would like to become more involved in the Society.

The CoD also nominates deserving AOSSM members for the Thomas A. Brady Community Service Award. Beginning in 1999, the Thomas A. Brady Award has been given to an orthopaedic surgeon who has distinguished themselves in their local community through sustained service and dedication to the field of sports medicine. The recipient of this award is chosen by the CoD’s Executive Committee based upon nominations received from the state delegates. Delegates may nominate only one individual per year and may solicit their state constituents for nominations. Nominations are submitted in the spring and the award is presented to the winner at the Annual Meeting.

It should be evident that the CoD plays a significant role in facilitating AOSSM’s initiatives as well as facilitating the two-way transfer of information relevant to the Society. I would encourage new AOSSM members and those who may be new to their respective states to become familiar with their state delegates. A list of the current CoD members can be found on AOSSM's website under Leadership and Committees webpage. For those AOSSM members who want to become more engaged in the Society through voluntary participation in the Council of Delegates, I encourage you to consider nominating yourself for selection as a delegate from your state. All that is required is either Active or Candidate membership in AOSSM and a willingness to actively engage with members throughout your state.

We are always looking for dedicated AOSSM members who are committed to advancing the Society’s mission and who possess an eagerness to work with other members in their state to maximize the benefits of their membership. Please feel free to contact me or Jeff Boyle, our Administrative Manager, for any questions regarding the CoD or any of its activities.

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