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Committees seated by election, special appointment or Ex-Officio

Volunteer Appointment Committee (VAC)

Comprised of the President, President Elect and Vice President, this committee appoints volunteers to the Society’s Standing Committees based on member submissions and committee Chair recommendations.

  • Dean C. Taylor, MD, President
  • Christopher C. Kaeding, MD, President-Elect
  • Eric McCarty, Vice President
  • Christina Tomaso, Staff Liaison


At the Annual Business Meeting, the floor is opened to take candidates for the Nominating Committee. All Active members are eligible. All candidate’s names are listed on a ballot that is voted on by Active members. The six candidates who receive the highest number of votes become the Nominating Committee. The Chair of the Nominating Committee is the Second Past President. The Immediate Past President serves ex-officio and without a vote. The Nominating Committee prepares a slate of those nominees selected for the following open Board positions, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and At Large positions. In the event of a vacancy due to death, resignation, removal, disqualification, or which otherwise is not automatically filled by succession, the Nominating Committee shall list a nominee for President or President-Elect. Members of the Nominating Committee are ineligible for nomination to elected office.

  • Kurt P. Spindler, Chair
  • Elizabeth A. Arendt, MD, Member at Large
  • James P. Bradley, MD, Member at Large
  • Lutul D. Farrow, MD, Member at Large
  • John D. Kelly, IV, MD, Member at Large
  • C. Benjamin Ma, MD, Member at Large
  • Brian R. Wolf, MD, Member at Large
  • Mark D. Miller, MD, Ex-Officio
  • Mari Vitkova Ekstrom, Staff Liaison


Program Committee members are selected by each incoming President and serve a five (5) year term. The Instructional Course Chair, who serves a three (3) year term, is selected by, and is a current member of, the Education Committee. The Program Committee develops Specialty Day and Annual Meeting programs to meet the educational gaps of AOSSM members and others, including any orthopaedic surgeon, physician, or allied health professional in the fields of sports medicine or related fields of practice.

  • Jonathan Dickens, MD 2024 Co-chair
  • Allison Toth, MD 2024 Co-chair
  • Lutul Farrow, MD 2025 Co-chair
  • Grant Jones, MD 2025 Co-chair
  • Rachal Frank, MD 2026 Co-chair
  • Armando Vidal, MD 2026 Co-chair
  • Steve Brockmeier, MD Immediate Past Co-chair
  • Robin V. West, MD Immediate Past Co-chair
  • Cassandra Lee, MD Past Co-chair
  • Rick Wright, MD Past Co-chair
  • Geoffrey Baer, MD Member at Large
  • Jan Foecke and Marisol Claich, Professional Team Liaisons
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