Research Grants

PLEASE NOTE: The requirements for all grants have changed.  Please see the information below.

AOSSM offers the following grants to support research in orthopaedic sports medicine:

AOSSM / Sanofi Osteoarthritis Grant

Not currently accepting applications

Steven P. Arnoczky Young Investigator Grant

Not currently accepting applications

AOSSM/Aircast Foundation Return to Play Clinical Research Grant

Not currently accepting applications

Sandy Kirkley Clinical Outcomes Research Grant

Currently accepting applications

To submit an application for any of the above research grants, please download and complete the cover page and all materials detailed in the specific grant's guidelines and requirements.

Complete all necessary elements and combine all documents/files into one PDF. (Adobe Acrobat, not Reader, will convert documents into PDFs).  Please submit your application to Kevin M. Boyer, MPH, at
You can also view a list of past Grant winners here.

Grantwriting Assistance

 Writing Tips - How to Write a Scientific Masterpiece
 Grant Application Basics from the NIH
 Statistics Primer