Candidate members are: physicians who are enrolled in or have completed an ACGME approved orthopaedic sports medicine fellowship in the U.S. or Canada.

 Please note that only current sports medicine fellows or those one year out of fellowship can apply for candidate membership. Fellowship programs run from August through July, so we recommend that you apply as soon as you can in August to get the full benefits of membership. Candidate membership extends a maximum of 5 years, at which point members are required to upgrade to the active category. Click here to learn more about upgrading. 
These applicants must meet the following conditions:
1) Applications must be submitted within the year of the fellowship or within one year of completion of an ACGME approved Orthopaedic sports medicine fellowship program.

2) Demonstrate a significant contribution and commitment to sports medicine as required of active members and as otherwise established by the Board of Directors and Membership Committee. The maximum period of Candidate Membership is five years, after a time period of two years the Candidate member can upgrade their membership to active status and not have to pay a fee.

3) Must attend at least one AOSSM sponsored meeting within a four year period once accepted as a Candidate member.
Candidate members are not eligible to vote, hold office or serve on the Board of Directors. They may act in an advisory capacity and unless specified otherwise, serve on committees with vote. *Please note that Candidate Members are eligible for ONE year free of Society dues during the fellowship year.


Ready to Apply?

If you meet these requirements and would like to apply for Candidate membership, follow the steps below:

Download and Complete Forms:
Note: You will upload these forms later in the application process

 Your CV will be required to submit an application

Director Reference Forms
You MUST complete and upload (completed by your Fellowship Director and Residency Director) these forms before submitting an application.

AOSSM gratefully acknowledges   for their grant to underwrite the Candidate Member Starter Package for all fellows who are currently enrolled or who have completed an ACGME-accredited orthopaedic sports medicine fellowship within the past year. This grant underwrites the membership application fee, first year Society dues of $150 and cost of a one-year subscription to AJSM for all sports medicine fellows who apply for Candidate membership, in addition to providing immediate membership benefits.