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Blended Learning Content

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    • On-Demand
  • Includes CME Credits

This course is specially designed to deliver impactful education while minimizing your time away from your practice. Prior to arriving, you’ll be able to view recordings of the following lectures and demonstrations at your own pace to prepare you for labs and case panels onsite.

  • DISCOid Inferno: Hot takes on the Management of the Discoid Meniscus: Brian Haus, MD
  • DON’T CUT IT OUT: Strategies for the Unsavable Meniscus Tear: Katherine Coyner, MD
  • Don’t Rush. Where’s The Fire? Guided Growth to Correct Malalignment for Chondral Pathology: David W. Green, MD
  • Let Sleeping OCDs Lie. In Situ Management of OCD Lesions: Kevin G. Shea, MD
  • Total Snooze-fest! Nonoperative Management of OCD Lesions: Kevin G. Shea, MD
  • MIND THE GAP! Managing Tibial Spine Injuries: Non-Op, Suture or Screw?: Lauren H. Redler, MD
  • Don’t Cross the Line! Options For Physeal-Sparing ACL Reconstruction: Jennifer J. Beck, MD
  • Don’t Forget the Allograft. Still Can Be Used in the Appropriate Patient: Dennis C. Crawford, MD, PhD
  • You Don’t Understand, Sally is the Real Deal! Return To Play and Tips for Minimizing Risk of Reinjury After Knee Surgery: Lynn Snyder-Mackler, PhD, PT
  • You Want Fries with That? Applications For BMAC, and the Best of the Rest: Lipogens, Amniotic, Umbilical, Placental, Etc.: Jason L. Dragoo, MD
  • The “Mature” Athlete: Joint Preservation
    • Extended Warranty: The Role of Orthobiologics for the Treatment of Knee OA in the Athlete: Constance R. Chu, MD
    • Nacho Momma’s Tear: Management of Degenerative Meniscal Root Tears: Vonda J. Wright, MD
    • Carpentry Still Works! When and How to Incorporate Osteotomy for the Treatment of Meniscus/Chondral Pathology: Cassandra A. Lee, MD
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