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Sports Medicine/Arthroscopy Fellowship Match


The Sports Medicine Fellowship Match includes more than 90 participating programs. The list represents programs that are participating in current year’s Sports Medicine/Arthroscopy Fellowship Match. Participation in the program requires a commitment and code of conduct to preserve the integrity of the blind match process. All participants must commit to all positions and selections through the program. The only exception is for fellowship positions that do not qualify under the Match Agreement, such as international positions available only to non-US candidates.

For Applicants

The Fellowship Match includes a Centralized Application Service (CAS) that allows candidates to complete one application that can be distributed to any participating programs. Applications sent directly to fellowship programs will not be accepted. All applications must be submitted for distribution to fellowship programs. Non-participating programs and applicants will not be able to use the CAS. Review the overview of the Orthopaedic Sports Medicine Fellowship.

Applicants who wish to participate in the Match will register directly with the SF Match. Applicants who do not follow through on their commitment:

  • Forfeit their ability to become AOSSM Candidate Members or AANA Associate Members
  • Disqualify themselves from receiving AOSSM grants
  • Must reimburse AOSSM for each application submitted on their behalf through the CAS

Applicants pay $150 to register with the SF Match and pay additional fees depending upon the number of programs they wish to distribute their application.

For Program Directors

The Orthopaedic Sports Medicine Fellowship Programs in the Match are accredited by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education(ACGME). Programs that have formally applied to the ACGME for accreditation before July 15, can participate.

Program Enrollment

By August 1, a $225 annual membership fee is required for the program regardless of the number of positions are offered. There is one-time a $500 set-up fee for all new or lapsed participant programs. In addition to a signed detailed contract with the Society obligating them to select their positions only through the Match. To setup and enroll a new program, please contact [email protected].

The programs and candidates that participate in a Match must fully commit to the Match for a minimum of one year. Exercising other options undermines participation. The Match Agreement outlines the obligations and responsibilities that program directors must sign before participating in the Match. Failure to adhere to the Match Agreement incurs the following penalties:

  • $7,500 fine
  • Exclusion from two Match cycles
  • Exclusion from presenting at the AOSSM and AANA Annual Meeting, Specialty Day, board of directors, and committees by program directors for two years and by other program faculty for one year

AOSSM and AANA will publicize participating programs’ names, contact information, and selected program information on the Society websites and publications. This publicity offers applicants the knowledge of the number and quality of programs participating. This publicity – including listing on the AOSSM and AANA websites -- will not be available to programs that choose not to participate in the Match.

Key Dates for the 2023 Match (for 2024-2025 Training Year)


Regional Interviews

Open before regional timesJanuary 2 - January 7
EastJanuary 8 – January 28
Southwest/WestJanuary 29 – February 18
MidwestFebruary 19 - March 11
Open after regional timesMarch 12 – April 1
Regional Interviews Map
Map Key : East / Grey, Southwest - West / Blue, Midwest / Red, Pensacola, FL and Pittsburgh, PA are in the Midwest (Red), Otherwise FL and PA are East (Gray) Shown as Yellow, No Program / White

Programs may interview military candidates “off cycle” when there is a bona fide overseas deployment that would otherwise negate the applicants ability to participate in the regularly scheduled cycle of interviews.

No conversations or communications between applicants and fellowship programs, directly or indirectly through others, should be construed as compromising the blind ranking process by the applicants or the programs. Overall fairness can be ensured if everyone avoids conveying their intention throughout the process, by any method, directly or indirectly.

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