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Athletic Health Handbook
Are you looking for a quick, easy reference on topics you frequently face in your everyday practice or sporting event? Check out the Athletic Health Handbook. After purchasing, regular updates to consensus statements and new articles can be found online in your MyAOSSM page.

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Book: Instructional Course Lectures-SM2 (Ahmad)
Whether you are researching a tough case, seeking practical expert opinion, or looking for pearls to avoid pitfalls, Instructional Course Lectures Sports Medicine 2 holds the answers you need on current sports medicine care from some of today's foremost orthopaedic surgeons - all in one convenient book!

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Book: Int'l Football and Sports Medicine
Covering topics from fair play to care of the female athlete, International Football and Sports Medicine: Care of the Soccer Athlete Worldwide is a thorough sports medicine resource for healthcare professionals providing soccer care. The combined resouces of AOSSM and the Federation International de Football Association's Medical Assessment and Research Centre (F-MARC) have made possible this book from more than 40 internationally-respected contributors.
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Book: Orthopaedic Knowledge Update: Sports Med 4
Developed by AOSSM and published by AAOS, this important new volume brings you the most important advancements, research, and expert opinion from the past five years. Surgical chapters review the latest details on indications, techniques, and outcomes. Nonsurgical chapters address patient care, with pathophysiology, clinical presentation, and treatment guidelines. Save hours of clinical research time and purchase your copy today.
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Book: Pre-Participation Evaluation
AOSSM is a proud partner for the 4th Edition of the Preparticipation Physical Evaluation (PPE) monograph. Download the PPE forms for free here and then purchase the complete evaluation guidelines. The PPE provides the medical background on which physical activity decisions will be made by the individual athlete's physician or the team physician and associated medical staff.
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Understanding & Preventing Noncontact ACL Injuries
Understanding & Preventing Noncontact ACL Injuries
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Sports Tips: Arthroscopy
Arthroscopy tip sheet answers the following questions:
 ●What is Arthroscopy?
 ●When Do You Need Arthroscopy?
 ●What are the Advantages of Arthroscopy?
 ●What Kind of Anesthesia is Available?
 ●What are the Potential Complications of Arthroscopy?
 ●What Can Be Expected Following Surgery?

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Sports Tips: AC Joint Injuries
This Tip Sheet reviews questions regarding the acromioclavicular (AC) joint:
 ● What is the AC Joint?
 ● What Kinds of Problems Occur at the AC Joint?
 ● How Do You Treat Arthritis of the AC Joint?
 ● What Can Be Done if Those Treatments Do Not Work?
 ● What is an AC Separation?
 ● What is the Treatment for AC Separation?
 ● When is Surgery Indicated?
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Sports Tips: Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Injury Prev
This Tip Sheet on Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Injury Prevention, reviews:

 ● Why ACL injuries occur
 ● How they occur
 ● Why ACL injuries are different between males and females
 ● Prevention strategies
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