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                        MILESTONES  &   MO MENTUM

                                   Since it was founded in 1972, AOSSM has been fueled by

                                   the inquisitive minds of its members. With their never-ending
                                   thirst for knowledge and their commitment to continuous quality

                                   improvement, AOSSM has maintained a strong position as the
                                   world’s premier society for sports medicine.

                 AOSSM’s willingness to strategically evaluate   As 2020 gains traction, sports medicine
                 and transform its organizational priorities reflects   professionals at all levels and in all related
                 the evolutionary nature of science and medicine.   specialties will continue to rely on AOSSM
                 By leveraging new insight and emerging          for important resources and professional
                 technologies, AOSSM successfully unites         opportunities. Our highly regarded journals will
                 distinguished orthopaedic surgeons with         continue to publish groundbreaking new science.
                 the many other forward-thinking professionals   Our in-person and online education and training
                 who provide comprehensive care to athletes      will continue to sharpen skills and foster the
                 and active people of all ages and abilities.    exchange of emerging trends, techniques, and
                                                                 technologies. Our investments in high-impact,
                 Together, AOSSM’s continuum of members          evidence-based sports medicine research will
                 creates the collective force that shapes the ethics,   continue to ignite passion and cultivate new
                 standards, and practice of orthopaedic sports   standards of excellence.
                 medicine. From optimal surgical management
                 to shared decision-making between athletes      It is with great pride and appreciation that I serve as
                 and surgeons, best practices in sports medicine   the 48th president of the organization that works
                 are universally rooted in AOSSM.                so diligently to keep everyone in the game of life.
                 This commitment to coordinated collaboration    Sincerely,
                 can be seen in the success of AOSSM’s portfolio
                 of programs, products, services, and events.
                 Over the years, our growing network of alliances
                 with relevant medical education societies,
                 credentialing and governing bodies, professional
                 leagues, college and high school associations,
                 sports organizations, and other like-minded     James P. Bradley, MD, AOSSM President
                 stakeholders has exponentially increased        University of Pittsburgh Medical Center,
                 our reach and impact.                           Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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