AOSSM is now offering members the opportunity to post requests for survey participants on the AOSSM website. These requests may include links to the main project website or, for example, to an online survey such as through Survey Monkey. All requests will be reviewed for suitability. To submit a survey, please see below or contact Kevin M. Boyer, MPH, Director of Research at

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AOSSM Survey Policy

• A survey proposal is required with all survey requests.
• The AOSSM Research Director will review all survey requests.
• The AOSSM membership will be notified by e-mail on a quarterly basis of new surveys posted on the website.
• Surveys requests must be sponsored by an AOSSM member in good standing.  
• IRB approval is required for surveys when applicable.
• Surveys are limited to those related to orthopaedic sports medicine and should not include information regarding commercial products.
AOSSM requests that any survey seeking the input of AOSSM members is directed through the Current Member Sponsored Surveys page and quarterly e-mails sent to the membership by AOSSM.

Instructions for Posting a Survey

To post a survey on the Current Member Sponsored Surveys page, please e-mail your survey proposal containing the following information to

1) Survey Title: 
2) Survey Link: 
3) Survey Close Date: 
4) Survey Author and Institution:
5) Sponsoring AOSSM Member: 
6) Brief paragraph describing the survey and objectives: