The Surgical Outcomes System™ Global Registry (SOS) helps unify patient outcomes collection for healthcare operations, research and publication, reimbursement initiatives and patient engagement. AOSSM members have full access to this system as a benefit of membership, and can sign-up at any time. To learn more about SOS, visit the links below or contact Kevin Boyer, AOSSM Director of Research.

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Collect Patient Reported Outcomes (PRO’s) 

From global health measures, to domain specific and joint specific measures, SOS engages the patient in the collection of outcomes that are meaningful, valuable, and helpful. As a global orthopaedic sports medicine registry for PRO’s, SOS can provide unique insights into cost-effectiveness, key performance indicators, and research questions.

Data Collection Tool 

SOS collects and aggregates actionable patient data in an efficient and secure web-based format. Physicians can utilize their data to quantify improvement and contribute their de-identified data to the AOSSM and global datasets. SOS can be configured to integrate with existing EMR’s and other Quality registry’s, utilized to collect data for multi-center trials, and leveraged to increase reimbursement.

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