Sports Medicine Update Archives


Fall: Mountain Biking Injuires 

Summer: Save the Menicus 

Spring: Hydration & Recovery 


Winter: Ice Hockey injuries 

Fall: Patellofemoral Cartilage Restoration 

Summer: Injuries From Artificial Turf 

Spring: Patient Reported Outcomes 


Winter: Anterior Shoulder Instability 

Fall: Cheerleading Injuries

Spring: Blood Flow Restriction Therapy

Winter: Concussion


Fall: Athletic Pubalgia

July-August: Getting Involved in an NIH Study Section

May-June: Golf Injuries

March-April: The Opioid Epidemic

January-February: Testosterone Replacement Therapy  


November-December: Testosterone Replacement Therapy  

September-October: Biologics for Sports Medicine 

July-August: Femoroacetabular Impingement 

May-June: Exertional Rhabdomyolysis 

March-April: Dispensing Drugs in Team Sports 

January-February: ACL Injuries in Skiers 


November-December: Wrestling Injuries 
September-October: Mixed Martial Arts 

July-August: Emergency Action Plans 
May-June: Knee Injuries in Soccer 

March-April: Achilles Tendon Ruptures 

January-February: High Altitude Illness and Training 


November-December: Legalities and Liability with Team Travel 

September-October: Consensus Statement Updates for Team Physicians 
July-August: Help Boost Your Sports Medicine Practice 

May-June: Social Media and the Team Physician 

March-April: OCD of the Knee 

January-February: Celebrating 40 Years of Title IX 


November-December: Osteochondritis Dissecans 

September-October: Eye Injuries 

July-August: Shoulder Injuries in Paddlesports 

May-June: Groin Pain in Athletes 

March-April: Rugby Injuries 

January-February: Injury Surveillance Systems 


November-December: ACL Bracing Update 

September-October: PPE and Conditions Resulting in Disqualification 

July-August: Adolescent Throwing Injuries 

May-June: ATV and Motocross Sports 

March-April: Sickle Cell Trait 

January-February: SLAP Tears 


November-December: Non-Contact ACL Injuries 

September-October: Primary, Traumatic Patella Disclocation 

July-August: Skin Care in Athletes 

May-June: Selected Issues for the Master Athlete 

March-April: Tennis Injuries 

January-February: Basic Science and Clinical Applications of Platelet-Rich Plasma