Pre-Participation Physical Evaluation

The overarching goal in performing a pre-participation physical evaluation (PPE) is to promote the health and safety of the athlete in training and competition. The PPE provides the medical background on which physical activity decisions will be made by the individual athlete's physician or the team physician and associated medical staff.

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Pathways to a Career in Sports Medicine 

Pathways to a Career in Sports Medicine details the various paths an individual can take to become involved in sports medicine from an orthopaedic surgeon and team physician through physical therapist, athletic trainer and psychologist. The descriptions in the brochure are intended as general guidelines toward a career in sports medicine. Speaking with a guidance counselor may shed light on additional information and local resources.

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Webcast: Preventing Injuries in Youth Sports  

This webcast from the STOP Sports Injuries Campaign features renowned sports medicine professionals, including James Andrews, MD, Peter Indelicato, MD, Christopher Harner, MD, Lyle Micheli, MD and William Levine, MD presenting injury prevention strategies for young athletes and answering questions on hot topics in youth sports safety.

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