Traveling Fellows Continue Tour in Shanghai

2017 AOSSM to APKASS Traveling Fellowship
Tour recap provided by Miho J. Tanaka, MD, Johns Hopkins Orthopaedic Surgery

We arrived in Shanghai on April 14 after an hour and a half flight from Taipei. Several residents from Fudan University met us at the airport, and accompanied us to our hotel.  We were amazed by the sheer size of the city – some 24 million people in total – as we drove through the highways en-route.

Dr. Shi Yi Chen was our host at this site. Upon our arrival, we took a tour of the hospital, located in a neighborhood somewhat like the French Quarter, and surrounded by shops and cafes. The hospital was impressive, with beautiful gardens and a 100-year-old Harvard-inspired building with western architecture in the middle of their campus.

We spent a morning observing surgeries in their facilities. The operating rooms were large and modern. We observed cases including arthroscopic rotator cuff repair and ACL reconstruction.

Much of our discussion focused on the use of synthetic ACL grafts, which is commonly utilized in this region.

Our academic session was held in a beautiful conference room nestled within a garden on the hospital campus, a seeming oasis within this vast city.

In addition to the surgeons from Fudan University, there were local surgeons from Shanghai in attendance for this academic discussion. Each of the traveling fellows gave two lectures, and we heard lectures on the current studies at Fudan University, including the role of simvastatin on meniscal repairs and the outcomes after the use of synthetic ACL grafts.

The cultural tours of Shanghai proved to be educational as well.  Professor Chen arranged for us to have a tour of the famous Jingan Temple, where we learned about Buddhist teachings from the temple’s monk.

We then spent a half day touring an ancient water village and sat in a 600-year-old tea house on the river discussing benefits of isometric ACL reconstruction.

And of course, our hosts arranged for some incredible cultural tours, including a visit to the Shanghai City Planning museum, where we learned about the long history and rapid recent development of this city. We were wowed by a visit to the Bund to see the spectacular skyline of Shanghai, as well as a breathtaking acrobatic show, again arranged by our hosts. It was truly a memorable experience.  Next stop: Kobe, Japan!

Miho J. Tanaka, MD
Johns Hopkins Orthopaedic Surgery 
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