Two years ago, the AOSSM leadership embarked upon a path toward rebranding our Society. We did this with the goal to enhance and accurately portray our image and purpose with multiple audiences, both internally and with the public. Along the way we have defined and refined what it means to be a member of AOSSM, including who we are, what we do, and why what we do matters.

What is a Brand and How Do We Deliver on It?

A brand represents the entire experience an individual has with an organization. This includes visuals, member service experiences, discussions with colleagues, satisfaction with products and services, and even how long it takes for a website to load. People typically think the sum of a brand is a logo, a tagline and a company name set in a typeface. In reality, an organization’s brand is much more than that – it’s a statement about its core values, culture and promise to its constituency. To this end, our promise is to help orthopaedic surgeons and health professionals from around the globe, prevent and treat sports injuries among athletes and active people of all ages and abilities. We deliver on our brand promise through world-class education and publications, scientific and clinical research for our members, and extensive literature and resources for patients.

Why Did We Update Our Logo?

While our organization has grown and made historic strides in the past 46 years, our logo has remained virtually unchanged. Our leadership felt that now was the time to recognize that the logo that has served us so well was ready to be refreshed and embrace the AOSSM of today – and tomorrow. Taking a cue from our early pioneers, current Society leaders began to envision the future of sports medicine, and also the future of AOSSM. Ultimately, this led to a comprehensive marketing audit, beginning in 2016, that pointed toward a need to update the logo and rebrand the Society. Our leaders felt that the AOSSM brand – both visually and substantively –  needed to set us apart from other organizations and make us undeniably relevant providing comprehensive health services for the care of athletes and active people of all ages.

How Did We Decide on the New Logo?

The short answer – it was a process. We selected a group, including a wide range of members – the AOSSM Marketing Task Force – to help guide the process with ideas and critical discussion. They ultimately took the approach of “evolution” versus “revolution”. The Task Force mandated that certain logo attributes remain. A re-interpretation of our “running man” (which we’ve re-dubbed the “running person” to be more inclusive) needed to be incorporated, and the use of red in the brand color palette was also a must. Both of these points are clearly incorporated into the new logo signaling homage to our heritage.

The task force also identified a set of attributes they believe accentuated and defined the voice and culture of our Society. Those attributes include:

The premiere organization in sports medicine education, research, publishing and fellowship
A global outlook
Scientific rigor
Forward focused
A dedication to helping people of all ages and levels maintain an active lifestyle.

What's Different About the New Logo?

The Task Force understood that to position the Society accurately, our new logo and look must feel modern, welcoming and progressive, yet timeless in its nature. The re-interpreted “running person” leans forward to underscore we are an organization that constantly looks toward the future. The icon is also placed within the “O” of AOSSM both as a nod to the original logo and to emphasize our history as a leader in the advancement of orthopaedic sports medicine. Finally, the “AOSSM” logotype is set in less-formal lowercase letters to reflect our collaborative, welcoming nature.

What Does Our Tagline Mean?

We also are excited to introduce our new tagline: “We Keep You in the Game.™” The tagline captures the essence of our promise to all athletes and active people that we work to keep them doing what they love throughout their life no matter their ability or level of participation. It also underscores that AOSSM keeps our members, in the “game” through education and publications, and scientific and clinical research. In addition, it emphasizes our commitment to helping our members provide quality patient care while helping the public get back to what they love to do.

We hope you are as excited as we are to share in this vision of AOSSM. Questions or comments about the new brand? Send us an email at