The AOSSM Board of Directors unanimously approved changing the Society’s fiscal year from an August 1 – July 31 cycle to a calendar year cycle of January 1 – December 31. In consultation with the Board and industry experts, it was determined that the best way to ensure correct financial management for AOSSM, the Society would combine dues for a “short” membership period of August – December with the regular dues period for 2020.

With this change, the dues renewal invoice covers the remaining five (5) months of 2019 and all of calendar year 2020 while providing uninterrupted member benefits, including subscriptions to the American Journal of Sports Medicine (AJSM) and Sports Health: A Multidisciplinary Approach, discounts to conferences, and other member amenities.

After this renewal cycle, members will not receive another notice until the end of 2020. Dues renewals will be based on a 12-month calendar year (January – December) from that point forward.

The price of membership in AOSSM varies by category. No portion of membership dues is allocated to lobbying by the AOSSM.

 Pay My Dues Now

Dues amounts by category for this 17-month period as we adjust our fiscal year

Category Total Dues for 17-months
(Aug-Dec 2019 and all of 2020)
Active $1,062 - ($750 annually)
International        $567 - ($400 annually)
MD Affiliate   $1,062 - ($750 annually)
Affiliate  $283 - ($200 annually)
$425 - ($300 annually)

Candidate Membership

1st Year  Free! 
2nd Year $354 - ($250 annually)
3rd Year  $637 - ($450 annually)
4th/5th Year        $1,062 - ($750 annually)

 Free (Please note limited benefits of this membership category) 

Emeritus*  Free 

*Must be at least 65 years old and non-practicing