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“Your voice is essential to the now and to the future of who we are clinically, academically and spiritually. So I urge you to fully participate in our truly important Emerging Leaders Program. Be a part of this tradition, be a part of AOSSM!”

– Michael G. Ciccotti, MD President, AOSSM

“I love AOSSM, because it provides me the opportunity to learn evidence-based approaches from thoughtful leaders in the field. I love the fact that there are programs oriented to young and established surgeons to flourish and advance our field so we can better treat our patients.”

– Jorge Chahla, MD

“As a graduate from a heavily academic residency as well as a fellowship entrenched with AOSSM tradition, one would think that I would have immediately become involved in AOSSM as a began my practice. However, it was quite the contrary. Although I attended the annual meetings, I really had no idea regarding the volunteer opportunities through AOSSM and how this would shape my practice. It wasn’t until 3 years into practice that one of my senior partners encouraged me to volunteer for an AOSSM committee - and it was some of the best career advice I have received. The relationships that I have created as well as been able to foster and continue through AOSSM has been fantastic. From research collaboration, speaking engagements, and the ability to shape the future of our profession has been fantastic. These opportunities afforded to me by AOSSM and my personal ability to shape the future of AOSSM is truly what I love about AOSSM.”

– Michael Banffy, MD

“Why I love the AOSSM: The annual meeting is one of the best meetings in orthopaedics and sports medicine every year. It is critical that we as orthopaedic surgeons stay current, and the AOSSM, its programs and its journals help us to do exactly that. Nearly all of the major players in the field of sports medicine are involved in the AOSSM. The organization has a broad appeal and benefits all types of surgeons. The organization not only benefits academic surgeons, but also general orthopaedists who wish to stay up to date on the newest techniques and outcomes research. I truly believe that this is the premiere organization in sports medicine and plan to remain involved throughout my career.”

– Joseph Lamplot, MD

“I love AOSSM because it includes a community of orthopaedic sports medicine surgeons with the common goal of keeping our patients healthy, active, and “in the game”. AOSSM provides mentorship. It gives its members a direct connection to the thought leaders and innovators in the field of sports medicine, while promoting the practice of evidenced based medicine and also exploring cutting edge advances in treatment and technology.”

– Meghan Bishop, MD

“As a current resident pursuing sports medicine fellowship, I love AOSSM due to the support this organization provides for the growth and development of orthopedic sports medicine surgeons. AOSSM membership encourages a broad range of professional advancement activities though education, outstanding mentorship and networking opportunities for residents, fellows and young attending orthopedic surgeons. The AOSSM Annual Meeting is a great forum to cultivate evi dence-based knowledge, network, and promote cutting-edge research which continues to advance the practice of sports medicine. Involvement as a trainee has allowed me to present research findings, meet and collaborate with orthopedic thought leaders from across the country, and foster leadership and communication skills that have been meaningful in my personal and professional growth. The connections I have made through AOSSM thus far will be invaluable to my future career. Through continued involvement, I hope to one day pay it forward and provide education and mentorship support to the next generation of orthopedic sports medicine surgeons.”

– Molly Day, MD

“I love AOSSM for the friendships and relationships made over the years. AOSSM brings together those who want to learn, teach, and share their knowledge of our chosen field of sports medicine. It’s a chance to make new friends, see old ones, and get together with the best to help our patients.”

– Champ Baker, MD


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