AOSSM Sets Emerging Leaders Up for Success

Stand out from your peers and gain real-world knowledge to launch your orthopaedic sports medicine career by applying for the Emerging Leaders program.

With 43% of AOSSM members having ten years or less of experience, the Emerging Leaders program embraces and nurtures the highest quality sports physicians. AOSSM will provide you with opportunities to build your network, expand your education, grown your career, and learn from industry experts. These experiences set you on a path to personal growth, professional excellence, and career success.

Experience what an AOSSM membership has to offer, what sets us apart, and what makes this organization’s members so truly special. If you’re under 45 years of age, apply today!

Resident and Candidate Members

We offer Residents a complimentary Resident membership for up to five years of their residency! We offer Fellows a complimentary Candidate membership their first year! After the first year, we provide an incremental increase in membership.

Fellows Resource Center

Access the Fellows Resource Center for complementary educational resources.


Nightcaps are informal and interactive Zoom meetings with a new topic each month hosted by today’s leaders in your profession. Nightcaps will help you develop leadership skills and build your practice. Share your webcam and come prepared with questions to achieve the most interaction. Check back for details on our next Nightcap in August 2021!

Previous Nightcaps:
How to Get Involved with Olympic Sports Coverage
, Jo Hannafin, MD, PhD
How to Become a Professional Team Doctor, James Andrews, MD
How to be Involved in Research as a Private Practitioner, James Bradley, MD and Benjamin Domb, MD

Annual Meeting

The AOSSM Annual Meeting is the premier event for the orthopaedic sports medicine community to achieve and maintain excellence through education and collaboration. We encourage you to attend and submit an abstract for the Annual Meeting. Accepted papers by Resident members are eligible for the Herodicus Award, and accepted papers by Candidate members are eligible for the Fellows Research Awards.

Traveling Fellowship

The Traveling Fellowship program serves as a scientific and cultural exchange that provides a unique opportunity to witness orthopaedic sports medicine techniques and surgeries from around the world.


Volunteering to join a committee is an excellent way to network with leaders in the field and learn more about AOSSM. The Call for Volunteers opens in the fall. Be on the lookout for communications from the Society headquarters about upcoming committee opportunities. Be sure to include detailed information on your committee application that helps set you apart from other members.

You are eligible to nominate yourself to represent your state and serve on the Council of Delegates. This is an excellent opportunity to connect with other members at a grassroots level and hear from the Society’s leaders through regular updates.

Apply for a Grant

We are committed to advancing orthopaedic sports medicine through high-quality research. The Steven P. Amoczky Young Investigator Grant and the Excellence in Research Grant are ideal for Emerging Leaders.

Plus, so much more! Apply today!

“Your voice is essential to the now and to the future of who we are clinically, academically, and spiritually. So, I urge you to fully participate in our truly important Emerging Leaders Program. Be a part of this tradition, be a part of AOSSM!” – Michael G. Ciccotti, MD, President, AOSSM

The Board of Directors has reserved two Member-at-Large Under 45 positions which have a two-year term. These individuals are selected by the Nominating Committee.

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