In October 2018, with the understanding that engagement of young sports surgeons is synergistic with current Society policies as well as industry focus and goals, the AOSSM Board of Directors approved the development of the Emerging Leaders program. With 43% of our members having 10 years or less of experience, the purpose of this program is to nurture, mentor and guide young sports medicine surgeons as well as promote future society leadership. An ad-hoc task force was appointed.

Task Force Members

  • Michael Ciccotti, MD – Co-chair
  • Armando Vidal, MD – Co-chair
  • Robert Arciero, MD
  • Champ Baker, III, MD
  • Michael Banffy, MD
  • Robert Brophy, IV, MD
  • Jorge Chahla, MD
  • Carolyn Hettrich, MD
  • Kurt Spindler, MD

Objectives and Mission of the Task Force

  • Launch a program that will cultivate, nurture, mentor and engage young sports medicine members in our Society
  • Provide suggestions to the Board of Directors, and ultimately to the Committee on Committees, for the compilation of the Young Members Leadership Advisory Board including the exact criteria for selection, i.e. membership category, years in practice, age, etc. Selection should focus on gender diversity, people who are at different points in their career, and those looking for maximum engagement in the Society
  • Provide the details of the initial program to the established Young Members Leadership Advisory Board for review and critique in early 2020
  • Pass the program to the Young Members Leadership Advisory Board completely in Summer of 2020, with concrete deliverables and direction, while providing the flexibility to modify the program as it grows

By October 2019, the ad-hoc task force had met all of its objectives and disbanded. The Emerging Leaders Committee continues to strive toward reaching the program’s mission.