Emerging Leaders - FAQs

I’m almost done with my Residency and want to stay involved with AOSSM.  What should I do now? 

Hopefully you’re already aware that your membership is free while you’re in Residency. Once you become a Fellow, you are eligible to upgrade to Candidate membership at no charge. Your first year’s membership dues are underwritten by a generous grant from Össur. You’ll receive all the benefits of Candidate membership at no charge. Any questions about upgrading your membership can be directed to Jeff Boyle at jeff@aossm.org.  

I’ve been a Candidate member for a few years, and I am wondering how I can upgrade to the Active category to remain involved. What should I do next? 

Candidate members can upgrade their membership to the Active category after a period of two years. The maximum time to remain in this category is 5 years. To upgrade to the Active category, you need to be board certified and current with your dues and meeting requirements. You simply need to email a copy of your board certification letter to Jeff Boyle at jeff@aossm.org. There is no fee to upgrade your membership from Candidate to Active.  

How do I get involved in the Society? 

Volunteering to join a committee is a great way to learn more about the Society and network with leaders in the field. The Call for Volunteers opens in the fall. Be on the lookout for communications from the Society headquarters about upcoming committee opportunities. Most committees have a dedicated slot for a member under the age of 40. New this year, AOSSM modernized its Bylaws and now allows Resident members to serve on some committees. Additional opportunities to get involved can be found on our Get Involved page.  

I volunteered to serve on a committee but wasn’t selected. What should I do now? 

Most years, the Society receives more volunteers to fill committee vacancies than they are able to appoint to a committee. The Society tracks members who were not selected and may contact them if other opportunities present themselves through the year.  You are encouraged to volunteer next year. Be sure to include detailed information on your committee application so the Committee on Committees can be as informed as possible when making appointments. This helps set you apart from other members volunteering for the same committee. And don’t forget to click “Submit”!   

We’re all doing our best to manage the pandemic. Does AOSSM offer any opportunities to connect with my peers across the country? 

That interpersonal connection is the thing we’ve all been missing. The Emerging Leaders program has designed Nightcaps. Nightcaps are small, intimate gatherings of about 20 members and led by an icon in the field. These are brief, informal and interactive GoToMeetings with a new topic each month. Participants are encouraged to ask questions and share their webcams to achieve the most interactive setting possible. Fill out an Emerging Leaders application today and be on the lookout for more information on the next Nightcap.