Active Membership

Active members are: U.S. or Canadian citizens who are orthopaedic surgeons specializing in sports medicine.
Applicants must meet the following conditions: 

1. Hold current certification by the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery or the Canadian equivalent.

2. Candidate applicants wanting to upgrade to active membership must be members for two (2) years. (Please see upgrade)
3. Applicants must practice exclusively in orthopaedic surgery for at least two (2) years in their current geographical location.
4. Demonstrate a significant contribution and commitment to sports medicine through the following criteria as it relates to their practice:
  • Research and publication
  • Submission and presentation of papers at sports medicine functions
  • Education of persons providing health care to athletes
  • Service as a team physician at any level of competition
  • Continuing medical education in sports medicine
  • Service to local, regional, national or international athletic competitions
  • Capacity to work with other members and contribute to the work of the Society
  • Compliance with other uniform rules and criteria as established by the Board of Directors or Membership Committee
    Active member applicants must be sponsored by two Active Members of the Society, preferably from within your state or practice area. No more than one may be an associate of yours. 

    Active members are eligible to vote, and unless specified otherwise, hold office in the Society.

    If you meet these requirements and would like to apply for Active membership, submit your application and the following required materials online:
  • Active Membership Application
  • Sponsorship form  
  • Team Service Request Form
  • $150 application fee by credit card
  • Prorated dues must be paid via credit card to complete application

    Your application is not complete until the Society office has received your sponsor letters, completed team forms, completed application, application fee, and prorated dues. 

    If you have additional questions regarding membership, please contact the AOSSM Membership Department.