Statement on Communication - Post Interview

The Fellowship Match Committee has been charged with overseeing the match process and has developed the following policies regarding communications between fellowship programs and applicants:

The committee assumes that everyone involved will behave in a manner which strictly preserves the integrity of the blind match process. No conversations or communications between applicants and fellowship programs, directly, or indirectly through others, should occur which might be construed as compromising the blind ranking process by the applicants or the programs. Overall fairness can be insured if everyone avoids conveying their intention throughout the process, by any method, directly or indirectly.

From Exhibit A of Match Agreement signed by all participating programs: 
  • The Program shall not seek assurances from Applicants as to an Applicant’s intent to “rank” a Program’s Fellowship in a certain order, and shall similarly not state or imply in any way that the Applicant’s position on the Program’s SFM Rank List is at all dependent upon the Applicant’s relative level of interest in the Program’s Fellowship. No verbal or written communication between the program and applicants is binding.

  • Post Interview Communication: Programs should not communicate (verbally, in writing, or through other individuals) with applicants and they should not request that applicants communicate with them. Communication between fellowship programs and an applicant’s residency program, colleague or letter writer can occur if performing due diligence regarding a particular candidate. Conversations may not include any discussion about rank order or intention to rank from either party. Throughout the process, and regardless of any circumstances of the communications between the fellowship program and the candidate, including any interested parties on either side, the integrity of the blind match process must be protected.
  • The Fellowship Match Committee is charged with monitoring and assuring compliance with the Match process. The Fellowship Match Committee will monitor communications between fellowship programs and residency programs to ensure the communication is only related to due diligence and not to undermine the integrity of the match process.
  • Thank you letters from applicants to program are discouraged. Programs are prohibited from sending thank you letters to applicants.