Fellows Exam

The Fellowship Committee oversees the administration of the yearly Fellows Exam. The exam is a useful tool for programs and fellows to identify their strengths and weaknesses in clinical and practice management areas.
After completing the online pretest and posttest, each fellow may review his/her scores and comparative information among all of the fellows. The Fellowship Program Directors also have the opportunity to review their fellows’ scores and comparative data. AOSSM encourages all Program Directors to ask their fellows to complete the online Fellows Exam.
The cost of the program is $250 for each fellow and registration is available online. Typically, the pretest is available to fellows the last two weeks of August and the posttest is available during the first three weeks of June.
The posttest for the Fellows Exam will be available to current, registered fellows from June 1 – June 21, 2020 at https://education.sportsmed.org/