The Thomas A. Brady Award recognizes the service and dedication to sports medicine of those individuals who have made a mark on their local community.  Since 1999, the award has been given to an orthopaedic surgeon who has been dedicated to excellence in sports medicine on a local level, with local athletes. The final selection of the recipient of this award is made by the Council of Delegates’ Executive Committee, based upon nominations received from members of the Council. Delegates may nominate only one individual per year, and may solicit their state constituents for nominations.

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We are currently accepting nominations for the 2020 Thomas Brady Award! Please download the nomination form below and submit via e-mail to Marianna Vitkova by April 1, 2021.  
 Award Nomination Form

Award Recipients

2020  Jesse C. DeLee, MD
2019  Michael Axe, MD
2018   W. Ben Kibler, MD
2017   William T. Youmans, MD
2016   Robert T. Burks MD
2015   Michael E. Brunet, MD
2014   James C. Vailas, MD
2013   Arthur L. Boland, MD
2012   Kenneth E. DeHaven, MD
2011    John A. Bergfeld, MD
2010   O. Thomas Johns, MD
2009   R. Thomas Fossett, MD 
2008   J. Pat Evans, MD 
2007   Howard J. Sweeney, MD 
2006   Charles E. Silberstein, MD 
2005   William S. Bundrick, MD
2004   John E. Leach, MD
2003   Norman A. Zlotsky, MD
2002   Joseph P. Zawadsky, MD
2001    John F. Duff, MD
2000   George S. Mauerman, MD
1999    Thomas A. Brady, MD