George D. Rovere Award

This award is given annually to an individual AOSSM member to recognize their contribution to sports medicine education over the years. This is a member who has made one or more contributions to the educational function of the Society and to orthopaedic sports medicine. Begun in 1989, the recipient is chosen by the Education Committee and receives an award plaque and presentation at the Annual Meeting.

Award Recipients 

2020   Brian D. Busconi, MD
2019   Dean C. Taylor, MD
2018   Allen F. Anderson, MD
2017   Michael G. Ciccotti, MD
2016   Jo A. Hannafin MD, PhD
2015   Mark D. Miller, MD
2014   Freddie H. Fu, MD
2013   Richard J. Hawkins, MD, FRCSC
2012   Bernard R. Bach Jr., MD
2011   Robert A. Arciero, MD
2010   Champ L. Baker, Jr., MD
2009   Christopher Harner, MD
2008   Bruce Reider, MD
2007   James R. Andrews, MD
2006   Frank W. Jobe, MD
2005   William E. Garrett, Jr., MD, PhD
2004   Walton W. Curl, MD
2003   William G. Clancy Jr., MD
2002   Russell F. Warren, MD
2001    John P. Albright, MD
2000   Robert J. Johnson, MD
1999    Kenneth E. DeHaven, MD
1998    Herbert A. Haupt, MD
1997    Frank R. Noyes, MD
1996    John A. Bergfeld, MD
1995    Robert E. Leach, MD
1994    James A. Farmer, EdD
1993    Frederick G. Lippert III, MD
1992    Robert L. Larson, MD
1991    John A. Feagin Jr, MD
1990   Jack C. Hughston, MD
1989   Bernard R. Cahill, MD