The initial impetus for the formation of the AOSSM grew out of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) Committee on Sports Medicine which was organized in 1964 with Jack Hughston, MD as chairman. In the next seven years, there was an increasing interest in orthopaedic sports medicine. Dr. Don O’Donoghue approached the AAOS with the concept of forming a new society in affiliation with AAOS. In December 1971, several orthoapedic surgeons who had an interest in sports medicine received a letter from O’Donoghue requesting their presence at a meeting on January 30, 1972 during the AAOS meeting in Washington D.C. This became the first organizational meeting of the AOSSM. Seventy-five orthopaedists were invited with 58 attending the meeting. The initial 75 invitees were designated as Founding Members. 

The original concept of the AOSSM was to provide a scientific outlet for presentation and publication of new ideas; to provide an opportunity for physicians to meet and exchange ideas regarding research, clinical problems, proposals for future progress in sports medicine and a high level publication controlled by the Society. This vision has been integrated into every area of AOSSM today. An example of this vision is the Traveling Fellowship program begun in 1985, which have fostered international collaboration and communication among members world-wide.  
The Society’s first annual meeting was held in conjunction with the AAOS Annual Meeting in Las Vegas in 1973. During this meeting bylaws, member application requirements, additional committees and dues fees were established. Dr. O’Donoghue passed on his presidential gavel to Dr. Joseph Godfrey and the presidential line of AOSSM began. This tradition continues every summer as AOSSM members meet to discuss the latest sports medicine research and recognize recipients of Research Awards and Grants. The Society gradually expanded its educational programs to allow for several sports medicine meetings throughout the year. 
In 1975, AOSSM purchased the American Journal of Sports Medicine and in the course of the past 30 years have turned the journal into one of the most prominent sports medicine journals in the world. AOSSM has increased its visibility with additional publications, including the member-focused Sports Medicine Update newsletter, as well as In In Motion , a quarterly offering of sports tips for the patient population.  

The following links provide an interactive view of AOSSM’s history, including background on why AOSSM was formed, information about its founding members, insights from AOSSM presidents, profiles of individuals inducted into the AOSSM Hall of Fame and an overview of the growth and significance of medical publishing as a key component of AOSSM.  

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