AOSSM: A Look at the Individuals Behind the Society's Inception


Interview Transcripts

Learn more about the Society's history with these recollections captured from AOSSM members in the links below.

  • Why was the Society needed?
  • What were the concerns of colleagues in the orthopaedic community?
  • In your mind, what were the important contributions that helped AOSSM get established and grow into the organization it has become today?
  • What was the Nominating Committee process?
  • What were the critical issues facing the early presidents and their boards?
  • How did the Membership Committee function?
  • What motivated the Scientific Program?
  • What are the unique stories of the initial stages of AOSSM?
  • Who did you train and who trained you?
  • Do you recall how the name of the organization and the original logo was selected?
  • What recollection of coaches and athletes do they have that reflects the early days of sports medicine?