AOSSM Research Initiative Receives $100,000 Pledge from AAOS

On behalf of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons’ (AAOS) Board of Directors and the American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine’s (AOSSM) Board of Directors, we are pleased to announce a partnership in honor of AOSSM’s upcoming 50th Anniversary Research Initiative. Through this partnership, AAOS has pledged $100,000 to support the first-of-its-kind multicenter sports medicine research led by AOSSM incoming President Kurt Spindler, MD, FAAOS.

An historic endeavor, AOSSM’s 50th Anniversary Research Initiative will develop, establish and promote a new multi-collaborative study on a topic area selected by stakeholders from AOSSM, AAOS and others from sports medicine, orthopaedic surgery and allied organizations. Through the enormous success of the AOSSM Million Dollar Drive campaign, AOSSM has pledged $300,000 to this exciting initiative which launches as part of our 50th Anniversary celebration kicking off this July at the AOSSM-AANA Combined 2021 Annual Meeting in Nashville.

As the world’s largest medical association of musculoskeletal specialists who care for patients who need treatment for bone and joint conditions or injuries, AAOS seeks to serve the orthopaedic profession to provide the highest quality musculoskeletal care. This initiative paves the way for AOSSM and AAOS to share in the development of new research to better serve patients and embodies our organizational values.

We are so pleased and honored to be joined by AAOS on this incredibly valuable program focused on improving the future of orthopaedic care and we look forward to building on the AAOS-AOSSM partnership in 2021 and beyond.

Visit to learn more about the AOSSM-AANA Combined 2021 Annual Meeting and watch for updates on the 50th Anniversary Research Initiative throughout the year.