AOSSM gratefully acknowledges the following individuals for their 2018 contribution - which includes both those who donated directly to AOSSM, as well as those who designated via OREF!
J. Winslow Alford, MD 
Robert A. Bane, MD 
Larry S. Bankston, MD 
Michael J. Battaglia, II, MD 
Kevin Boyer 
Jeff Boyle 
James P. Bradley, MD 
Colleen Briars 
Howard R. Brown, MD, FACS 
Jas Chahal, MD, FRCSC, MSc, MBA 
Seth A. Cheatham, MD 
Jack Conoley, MD 
John E. Conway, MD 
Marlene DeMaio, MD 
Wiemi Douoguih, MD 
Julie Ducey 
Gregory P. Duff, MD 
Neal S. ElAttrache, MD 
Calogero Gambino, MD 
Sanaz Hariri, MD 
Robert S. Heidt, Jr., MD 
Tom Heneghan 
Meredith Herzog 
Heather Hodge, MEd 
Rudolf G. Hoellrich, MD 
Tere Hostetler 
Danielle Kalinowski 
John D. Kelly, IV, MD 
John D. Kelly, IV, MD 
Keith Kenter, MD 
Christopher Y. Kweon, MD 
Lance E. LeClere, MD 
Steven L. Martin, MD 
Edward G. McFarland, MD 
Edward G. McFarland, MD 
Matthew P. Melander, DO 
Shana N. Miskovsky, MD 
Gordon W. Nuber, MD 
Camille Petrick 
Matthew J. Salzler, MD 
Felix H. Savoie, III, MD 
Michelle Schaffer 
John Paul Schroeppel, MD 
Lawrence M. Shall, MD 
Joe Siebelts 
Michael Joseph Sileo, MD 
Dean C. Taylor, MD 
Donna Tilton 
Lisa M. Weisenberger 
Kenneth L. Wertzberger, MD 
Shane K. Woolf, MD 
Shane K. Woolf, MD 
Shane K. Woolf, MD