2017 Individual Donors

AOSSM gratefully acknowledges the following individuals for their 2017 contribution - which includes both those who donated directly to AOSSM, as well as those who designated via OREF!
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Mark Alan Adams, MD
Christopher S. Ahmad, MD
A. Herbert Alexander, MD
Christina R. Allen, MD
John A. Anderson, MD, MSc
Kyle Anderson, MD
James R. Andrews, MD
Damian Andrisani, MD
Peter Asnis, MD
Jeremie M. Axe, MD
Bernard R. Bach, Jr., MD
Geoffrey Scott Baer, MD, PhD
Bruce E. Baker, MD
Champ L. Baker, Jr., MD
Larry S. Bankston, MD
Craig H. Bennett, MD
John A. Bergfeld, MD
Eric M. Berkson, MD
Kevin P. Black, MD
Kevin P. Black, MD
Matthew Bollier, MD
Thomas S. Bottiglieri
Kevin Boyer
James P. Bradley, MD
Jefferson C. Brand, Jr., MD
Jefferson C. Brand, Jr., MD
Robert L. Brand, MD
Robert L. Brand, MD
Colleen Briars
Howard R. Brown, MD, FACS
Howard R. Brown, MD, FACS
Peter G. Buck, MD
Seth A. Cheatham, MD
Constance R. Chu, MD
Nathaniel P. Cohen, MD
Steven B. Cohen, MD
Brian J. Cole, MD, MBA
Andrew J. Cosgarea, MD
Jay S. Cox, MD
Debbie Czech
Diane L. Dahm, MD
Tal S. David, MD
Joseph P. DeAngelis, MD
Juliet DeCampos, MD
David T. Dellaero, MD
Natasha N Desai, MD
Julie Ducey
Jeffrey R. Dugas, MD
Gregory F. Dummer
Paul D. Fadale, MD
Jack Farr, II, MD
Brian T. Feeley, MD
David A. Fischer, MD
Brian Forsythe, MD
Robert W. Frederick, MD
Kevin B. Freedman, MD
Michael T. Freehill, MD
Freddie H. Fu, MD
Brian D. Giordano, MD
John P. Goldblatt, MD
John R. Green, III, MD
Letha Y. Griffin, MD, PhD
Wendell M.R. Heard, MD
Heather Heller
Tom Heneghan
Ralph Frank Henn, III, MD
Elliott B. Hershman, MD
Meredith Herzog
Heather Hodge, MEd
Stephen W. Houseworth, MD FACS
Michael J. Hulstyn, MD
Stephen S. Hurst, MD
Hannah Janvrin
Darren L. Johnson, MD
Darren L. Johnson, MD
Robert J. Johnson, MD
Danielle Kalinowski
John D. Kelly, IV, MD
Patricia A. Kolowich, MD
Patricia Kovach
Robert E. Leach, MD
Lance E. LeClere, MD, CDR, MC, USN
Mark J. Lemos, MD
Mark J. Lemos, MD
Xinning Li, MD
Thomas Sean Lynch, MD
Chunbong Benjamin Ma, MD
Gregory B. Maletis, MD
Michael D. Maloney, MD
Frank P. Mannarino, MD
Frank P. Mannarino, MD
Richard J. Mason, MD
Donald Mazur, MD
Lucas S. McDonald, MD, MPH
Vincent K. McInerney, MD
Thomas C. McLaughlin, MD
Vishal Mehta, MD
David S. Menche, MD
Scott A. Meyer, MD
Mary Mucciante