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AOSSM Unveils New Website with Powerful OnePlace™ Search Function

The American Orthopaedic Society of Sports Medicine today unveiled its new website——a dynamic and modern website experience combining state-of-the-art technology with enhanced functionality that will improve access to sports medicine research and information.

The launch of the new is an important moment for AOSSM,” said AOSSM CEO Greg Dummer, CAE. “The site takes user experience to the next level. Its modern design is easy to navigate and fully intuitive, giving guests immediate access to an extensive collection of sports medicine education and research content whether on a desktop or mobile device.”

The most notable features of the new is the customized search function called OnePlace™ that adapts to each user’s search needs.

“OnePlace™ is an ultra-powerful, intelligent retrieval tool that recognizes a search query and instantly pulls related content from AOSSM’s extensive 50-year collection of published literature, surgical videos, and educational courses,” said AOSSM Board President Kurt P. Spindler, MD. “But what makes a OnePlace™ search truly unique is its ability to go even deeper and access the latest related educational content from our corporate partners, providing guests unparalleled access to content that answers even the most complex sports medicine question.”

OnePlace™ is a superior content-retrieval resource built to customize the web site experience by learning a guest’s specific needs and displaying the most relevant search results and recommendations based on those needs.

Throughout the year, AOSSM has marked its 50th anniversary with exciting events and special programs that showcase the innovation and advancement of sports medicine, and the new website plays an integral part in this anniversary.

“AOSSM members and the sports medicine community rely on the best information to achieve peak performance. AOSSM’s new website helps them, and the Society, reach this goal and the adaption of this exciting technology is an excellent way to celebrate our 50th anniversary,” Dr. Spindler said.

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