Member Sponsored Surveys

We offer our members the opportunity to conduct and participate in surveys as a research method used for collecting data to gain information and insights into various sports medicine topics of interest.

Participation Surveys

Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction Surgeon Preferences

The purpose of this survey is to determine the current operative management techniques for the ACL-deficient knee. This survey has been previously delivered and published three times before. Collecting and analyzing the preferred management strategies will elucidate the development in treatment progression over the previous two decades and will highlight areas for potential improvement.

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Patterns of Hip Capsular Closure Management for Hip Arthroscopy Procedures

Significant variability exists in the literature and in clinical practice regarding capsular management patterns in hip arthroscopy, namely in the type of capsulotomy performed and methods of capsular closure. With the rise in incidence of hip arthroscopy procedures in recent years, we are interested in better understanding the range of practices and factors that influence treatment decisions during hip arthroscopy. As such, the goal of this survey is to help establish an expert consensus on current hip capsular management practices.

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Musculoskeletal Pain in Sports Medicine Surgeons

Musculoskeletal pain is common among all surgeons, particularly orthopedists due to strenuous postures and the considerable physical efforts required in limb manipulation. Sports medicine surgeons participating in arthroscopy are at a particularly high risk due to the flexed neck and elevated shoulder position during these procedures. The goal of this 5-minute survey is to identify the prevalence and quantify the extent of work-related musculoskeletal pain and evaluate beliefs regarding surgical ergonomics.

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How Would You Rehab This Meniscus Repair?

Rehabilitation protocols following meniscus surgery continue to evolve, as our understanding of meniscus biomechanics and surgical techniques continue to improve. Using arthroscopic photos, we seek to poll AOSSM surgeons to understand the current dogma for meniscus surgery rehabilitation.

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Return to Collegiate Athletic Competition During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic resulted in the pause of countless athletic events given health and safety concerns. Some institutions returned to competition sooner than others, but the collaboration and processes by which this occurred is unknown. The purpose of this survey is to collect information regarding the role of Sports Medicine Physicians from different primary residency training backgrounds and their affiliated college or university’s return to athletic competition.

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Physician Review Websites and Social Media Usage

The relationship between orthopaedic surgeons and their patients has evolved rapidly in the era of social media and online physician rating websites. The purpose of this survey is to evaluate baseline characteristics of social media usage and online review perceptions among orthopaedic surgeon sports medicine specialists.

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Capitellum Osteochondritis Dissecans Treatment

Osteochondritis dissecans (OCD) of the humeral capitellum results from repetitive stress on the lateral elbow in adolescent athletes. The prevalence in adolescent baseball players is approximately 1-3%. The clinical course, treatments, and outcomes vary significantly. Most outcomes are limited to case series and there are no agreed upon standards of treatment. Further investigation is needed to improve the treatment of these lesions to improve patient outcomes. This 15 question survey will identify current practice trends among surgeons for the treatment of OCD lesions.

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Meniscal Implant Survey

The purpose of this survey is to gather data from practicing sports medicine orthopedic surgeons regarding their general opinions on meniscal implant surgery as treatment alternative for complex meniscal pathology. This survey will serve to provide researchers the insight as to what the current thought process is on synthetic meniscal implants in the current orthopedic medical community. Knowing what the advantages, disadvantages and current trending practices are will help researchers determine the importance of these products and the procedures that accompany them.

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Conducting a Survey

Interested in posting a survey related to orthopaedic sports medicine? Please send the following information to Kevin Boyer. All requests will be reviewed for suitability. Commercial product surveys are not permitted.

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