The Steven P. Arnoczky Young Investigator Grant provides awards in amounts of up to $50,000 aimed at providing "seed money," or start-up funds, for pilot projects. This grant opportunity aims to train early career surgeons, undertaking orthopaedic sports medicine research, as principal investigators with the assistance of an experienced supervisor and/or investigative team. Ideally, the Young Investigator will perform the primary role in generating the hypothesis, designing the experiment, carrying out the experiment, and interpreting the results. Any investigational team seeking such a grant must include at least one member of AOSSM in good standing.
To begin the application process, please review the guidelines specific to this grant and complete all information as described. Once you have reviewed the guidelines, please visit our submission center to start your application.

Pre-review of the Young Investigator Grant application is REQUIRED to be considered for this grant opportunity. Members of the AOSSM Research Committee will provide written feedback to the investigative team with emphasis on the Specific Aims and Research Strategy of the proposed project. Applicants can modify the project proposal in response to feedback, collect additional or new data (if necessary), and provide responses to feedback in the final application.

We are currently accepting final applications for those who participated in the pre-review process!
Deadline: April 1, 2020

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No extensions will be granted, so please plan accordingly. Please contact Kevin M. Boyer, MPH, with any questions.