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Core temperature mediates sweat deficits. Water lost during sweating initially by elevating the feet, to restore
rates; exercising in hot climactic comes from both extra- and intra- blood pressure which is depressed
conditions may result in sweat rates cellular fluid compartments. A secondary to a decrease in plasma
that exceed the maximal rates of decrease in plasma volume is seen volume, and with oral or I.V. fluids.
fluid absorption from the gut. In causing a reduction in sweat rate, The most serious heat-related malady
such conditions a water deficit, or and therefore an increase in heat is heat stroke. The diagnosis of heat
dehydration, is likely. Dehydration storage. As core temperature rises, stroke is made if the athlete presents
can refer to both a water deficit the athlete is at risk for serious ther- with a body temperature above 40.5°C
produced during exercise and a moregulatory disturbances such as and with mental status changes, such
deficit produced prior to exercise, heat exhaustion and heat stroke. as confusion and disorientation.
also known as hypo-hydration. Cooling must begin immediately.
Dehydration-Related While dehydration may increase the
Dehydration is of concern to the Illness risk of heat stroke not all heat stroke
athlete due to the associated medical victims are dehydrated, although all
risks and to the impairment of Conditions such as heat exhaustion require immediate cooling.
performance associated with fluid and heat syncope can often be treated
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