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As part of their job description the with the NCAA, the American is demographic data, data concerning
athletic trainers utilize a modified Football Coaches Association and the the injury type/severity/location,
SIMS computerized injury data National Federation of High School product involved, and vignette
collection system for administrative Associations. Research has been information concerning the
as well as injury surveillance data conducted since 1965. Annual reports mechanism of injury. Periodically
entry. More than 25,000 athletes are administered on catastrophic the NEISS is redesigned to update
participate each year in 27 different sport injury and catastrophic football improved sample and to reflect
sports. Computerized injury tracking injury. Reports are available online improved product coding. If
and an on-site research coordinator at no cost. Dr. Mueller is available to longitudinal studies are planned one
who oversees all data entry result discuss research questions (see listing). must make sure that the product codes
in high quality data. Athletes are His staff can run limited queries and go across the time interval investigated.
followed throughout their four year they are available to discuss any of The NEISS data is available online.
career and record keeping can be the online data. Data is gathered on The NEISS product code drop down
modified to incorporate specific catastrophic injuries from information at the website also provides all product
research projects. The system has more provided from the National High coding information. Queries can
than ten years of cumulative data School Federation, NCAA ISS, United be made based on a given product
representing more than 15 million States Lacrosse, print newspaper or demographic information. The
athletic exposures. Mr. Almquist services and Google searches. By its database is currently directed by
is available on a contractual basis nature data is limited to catastrophic Thomas Schroeder (see table for
to collaborate with research partners injuries and doesn’t represent a full contact information) Dr. Schroeder
either in specific smaller query to the picture of all injuries in any single and his staff are available to answer any
database or in accessing larger parts of sport. Cases are typically followed up questions concerning the data which is
the database (see listing). The system by phone conversation or questionnaire available online or to discuss projects
has been used extensively to look to track more detailed information. and to also assist in data queries.
at lacrosse injuries and concussive Potential HIPPA or litigation issues
incidents in high school athletes. can sometimes limit access to Limitations of the Consumer
pertinent medical information. Product Safety data are the fact that
Advantages of the database are Recall bias can be an issue when it is triggered by emergency room
high quality data control, 25 high following up cases long-term. Example visitation, so it gives a skewed view
schools within the same school system studies from the catastrophic injury of sport injury in any given sport.
which decrease variables across the database are: Catastrophic head Data is often not available from the
system as far as interventional studies. injuries in high school and college narrative sections or varies quite a
A potential concern is that it is football players13 and Catastrophic bit in quality in the narrative section
limited to a single geographic area in cheerleading injuries.14 with regards to injury mechanisms.
Virginia. Example of studies utilizing It is often hard to determine whether
the Fairfax ISS include: Epidemiology U.S. Product Consumer Product the injuries occurred during organized
of lacrosse injuries in high school aged Commission National Electronic sporting events, unorganized sporting
girls and boys: a 3 year prospective Injury Surveillance System — NEISS events or activities of daily living, i.e.
study11 and Trends in concussion a baseball bat may result in injury in
incidence in high school sports: For the past 30 years the U.S. many different scenarios. Strengths
a prospective 11 year study.12 Consumer Product Safety Commission are that it provides a nationally
has operated surveillance systems representative sample and it can be
National Center for Catastrophic of U.S. emergency rooms. Data followed in a longitudinal fashion.
Injury Research is gathered from approximately Examples of studies form the NEISS
100 hospitals. Data is triggered by include: Football related injuries
This program is based in Chapel Hill emergency room admissions and has among 6 to 17 year olds treated
North Carolina and is under the historically involved some type of in U.S. emergency departments
direction of Fred Mueller. The center consumer product. Recent changes 1990–200714 and Basketball related
collects and disseminates data on death in the database have expanded data injuries in school aged children and
and permanent disability sports injury collection to include injuries which adolescents from 1997–2007.15
data that involved brain and/or spinal do not include specific products. There
cord injuries. The center partners

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