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Risk exposure is another basic has higher long-term quality than NEXTT Solutions in South Bend,
concept. This is in an attempt to requiring paper applications. Another Indiana, is a sports technology
define the amount of time in which issue is the tracking of injury versus software company with services
an athlete is exposed to potential illness. Definable discrete injuries tailored specifically for sport franchises
injury. The NCAA ISS defines it are easier to track with regard to and athletic organizations. The
as one student athlete participating mechanism, time, player and team software involves a highly intuitive
in one practice or competition in activity versus ongoing subacute complete athletic health recording
which he or she was exposed to the or chronic medical conditions. system, focuses on overall work
possibility of injury, regardless of the flow in the typical day in the athletic
time associated with that participation. There is also an issue of athletes training room, allows multi-site
Only participants with actual playing being tracked by an ISS experiencing and multi-Web use. It allows the
time are counted as having game symptoms during play as the result incorporation of MRIs and other
exposures, but the actual amount of an injury incurred outside of team imaging studies, is Internet based
of “active” participation time in play or during athlete free time. and allows for follow-up treatment
a game or practice is not accounted The quality of data concerning sessions, a master calendar and
for. Other databases have utilized injury mechanism, specific body reports generation.
the concept of a set number of hours areas, and specific definition or
of exposure, to try to address the injury types also is significantly Athletic Training Services (ATS)
issue that different sports may have improved if there is regular review is based in Grove City, Pennsylvania
different length practices. of the data, quality management and is an information system designed
of the data or if the data is being to be flexible and customizable
Injury reports without the number used for specific research queries. in assisting athletic trainers and
of at risk population as a denominator other health professionals to track
data are really only transferring Athletic Data Management Tools and report information relating
frequency data. Injury rates cannot (SIMS, NEXTT, ATS) to athletes, students and their
be generated without knowledge of employees. This information has
the exposed population. Injury rate Currently available athletic training most to do with injuries but also
is a measure of the number of injuries injury management software such includes evaluation, rehabilitation,
in a particular divided by the number as the SIMS, NEXTT and ATS drug testing and purchasing orders.
of athletic exposures. Injury rates are (see listing) not only allow for injury
often generated for game situations surveillance data entry but couple this Example of Current Injury
and practice situations for a given with administrative, outcomes, and Surveillance Systems
team and the vast of majority of sports practice management tools. These
show a significantly higher rate of providers also function as export NCAA/Datalys
injury in games versus practices. engines to the Datalys managed The NCAA has maintained a
NCAA Injury Surveillance System nationally representative (but not
Another important consideration in which relevant injury surveillance random sample) injury surveillance
is data entry and quality controls. data can be directly downloaded from system for intercollegiate athletics
Data entered by medical professionals their system rather than having to be since 1982. This covers a wide
is of higher quality than that entered separately entered into the Datalys variety of both men’s and woman’s
by coaches or parents. Also there Web-based system. This does away sports. A primary focus has been the
is the sense that data entered as part with the need for “double” data entry. collection and assessment of relevant
of a job description or as part of an injury data to drive appropriate
administrative database also tends to SIMS is a division of Flantek injury prevention health policy and
have higher quality than data entered located in Iowa City, Iowa. It is an evidence based decision making with
for research purposes alone. Data advanced injury documentation and regard to health and safety issues.
that can also be entered on a real management software application Participation in the NCAA ISS is
time or daily basis rather than an designed to streamline the recording voluntary but all NCAA institutions
accumulated weekly or monthly requirements in athletic training are invited to participate. Athletic
basis shows improvement. Data rooms and other sports facilities. trainers at selected schools have been
that can be entered in an online It allows comprehensive data entry responsible for data collection and
or computerized format certainly with regard to injury type, location,
severity, and mechanism.

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