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recurrent cutaneous outbreaks. Conclusion
Recurrent outbreaks may be
preceded by pain or tingling at Cutaneous infections are common in
the site of the oncoming lesions. athletes. Vigilance is important on
Athletes with recurrent HSV the part of athletes, trainers, coaches
can shed the virus intermittently and team physicians to make sure
between episodes, even in the that an infection in one athlete does
absence of lesions.6 not lead to a widespread outbreak.
Treatment: It is not possible to There are a number of simple
cure HSV but oral antivirals, such strategies that can be used to increase
as valacyclovir, can shorten the the hygiene of athletes and teams,
duration of an attack if started thus helping to prevent the spread
early. The use of antivirals can of cutaneous infections.
also decrease the chance of


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