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“The MRI scan . . . demonstrates Figure 2 to repair the damage. In detailing
considerable muscle damage his ordeal, the player posted an
with bleeding and swelling. Not satisfied with simply informing intraoperative image of the surgery.
Treatment is conservative. Rest, the world media of his plight, the The following text accompanied
physical therapy with stretching player also posted a post-operative the pictures:
and ultrasound, and anti- image of the severe laceration, along
inflammatory medicine will be with the following text: Figure 3A
employed. The player will use a
gradual strengthening program “A millimeter away from my nerve. Figure 3B
when he’s ready. A return to the Thanks to the Most High I’m still “WARNING!! Not for the squeamish
field would not be expected able to heal and recover.” guys. Surgeon sent me some pics
before three to four weeks. from the op. Before. And After”
Premature exertion risks re-tear Aside from revealing the injury
and longer convalescence.” and its severity to his opponents, These explicit images only belong
he went a long way to unveiling in the patient’s records and should
The NFL said in a statement that his mindset in the aftermath of the not be for public consumption. Not
the player’s actions were not covered game. The player was contrite, and only are they wholly inappropriate to
by the league’s Twitter policy and any returned to the social media to offer be broadcast, but by association they
discipline would be at the team’s the following lament: also call into question the surgeon’s
discretion. This was followed by a role and judgment.
further declaration from the team’s “I am so mad at myself right now,”
general manager in which he stated read a post. “I want to apologize to the Implications
that the team was aware of the fans and my team, not proud of my
player’s tweet and that, “It is a actions. headed home for a new start.” The business of sport has become a
violation of team policy to disclose massive industry worldwide. Athletes
medical information via social media A later post read: “We all have assume a central role in this industry
and he is aware of that. We will done things out of anger that we and are a constant attraction for the
handle the situation internally.” regret. That makes us human. Bad media.5 However, by enjoying such
timing on my part. Sorry guys. an exalted status, the safe holding
Not content with the conclusion This too shall pass.” and dissemination of athletes’
of the issue, the player returned to confidential medical information has
Twitter with the following statement, Surprisingly, the player only
“If I had a ‘significant injury’ why missed the following game and much
post it? I’ll be fine, it was just meant to everyone’s amazement, returned
to make fun of the whole situation. in the fourth game to play a starring
Humor is lost nowadays.” role, albeit with a bandaged hand.
His team was eliminated in the next
Example 2: “A slip of the hand” game, losing the series 4–1.
The next case involves the disclosure
of information about an injury Example 3: TMI (Too Much
suffered by a National Basketball Information)
Association (NBA) basketball player To Europe for the next illustration of
involved in the playoffs at a critical how tweets not only affect the player
point in the series. Frustrated by the but can implicate the tweeter’s doctor.
team’s loss in game two of the series, A high profile rugby player sustained
the player allegedly lashed out in an injury to his thumb, rupturing a
anger after the game and punched tendon. The player required surgery
a glass panel containing a fire
extinguisher. In doing so, he sustained
a significant laceration to his hand,
thereby jeopardizing his participation
in the rest of the games (Figure 2).

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