IKDC Forms

The following versions of the 2000 IKDC forms are currently available for download in PDF format. 

You will need Abode Acrobat Reader to open the file, which is available for free download.

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    Child and Adolescent Modification of the IKDC Subjective Knee Form

    A modified version of the IKDC Subjective Knee Forms (Pedi-IKDC) was developed for use with children and adolescents between the ages of 10- and 18-years-old. The reliability and validity of the Pedi-IKDC have been shown to be acceptable in a population of young patients with a variety of knee disorders. The Pedi-IKDC can be downloaded in both Word and PDF formats. The scoring instructions are the same as for the adult form. Normative data is not yet available so do not use the percentiles generated by the scoring spreadsheet (see below) for child patients.
  • Pedi-IKDC Subjective Knee Evaluation Form - Patient Form
  • Pedi-IKDC Subjective Knee Evaluation Form - Scoring Form
  • Scoring Instructions (PDF) 

    Online IKDC Scoring Worksheet

    To facilitate scoring the IKDC subjective form, AOSSM has developed a spreadsheet that will yield a patient's raw score and percentile score (relative to age- and gender-based norms). Simply enter the patient's responses into the corresponding cells of the spreadsheet and then press the F9 key on your keyboard to obtain the patient's scores. You will need to enable Macros if you would like to use the Reset button. The Society would like to make the spreadsheet as useful and user-friendly as possible, so we welcome your feedback. Please send any suggestions, comments, or questions to Kevin M. Boyer, MPH, Director of Research.
  • Scoring Worksheet (Excel)