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    Athlete care made easier with our Athletic Health Handbook - now online!


    Sep-Oct 2015   An exciting future for Biologics in sports medicine - featured in the current SMU!




    OJSM Cover  The latest sports medicine research is now open-access with OJSM! 



    Summer 2015Preparing for a triathlon? Stay safe with tips in our Summer issue of In Motion!
  • AOSSM Journal Apps

    The American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine (AOSSM) is proud to announce the launching of the FREE series of apps for the American Jounal of Sports Medicine (AJSM), Sports Health and the Orthopaedic Journal of Sports Medicine (OJSM). These apps present the cover-to-cover print edition in a mobile, user-friendly format and include all issues dating back to January 2012. Readers can now mark “favorite” articles and download entire issues for offline reading. Each app is a subscriber-only benefit and is already included in your subscription to the print journal, though the OJSM app provides all open access content without a subscription. The links below provide access to these apps in the Apple App Store.


    AJSM App 


    Sports Health App 


    OJSM App 


    Accessing the Apps

    1) Set-up a password to access the apps with your current subscription.



    *Please note, if you subscribe to both AJSM and Sports Health, your password must be the same for both apps. You will only need to set up a password once to acces both of these Journals

    2) Go to the Apple App Store on your device and download the free app. 


    If you need additional assistance in downloading the apps, please review the step-by-step illustrated instructions provided below.


    AJSM App Download Guide 


    Sports Health App Download Guide