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    Sports Medicine/Arthroscopy Fellowship Match

    AANA and AOSSM joined efforts to establish a Match beginning in 2008. AANA & AOSSM will again be utilizing the San Francisco Matching Services (SF Match) to administer the Match. Applicants interested in applying to the Orthopaedic Sports Medicine Match should register with SF Match and obtain and complete the Orthopaedic Sports Medicine Match Central Application Service (CAS). All applications must be submitted to SF Match to distribute to fellowship programs. Applications sent directly to fellowship programs will not be accepted.

    Orthopaedic Sports Medicine Programs are eligible to participate in the Match if they are ACGME Accredited, Accredited by the Canadian Orthopaedic Association (COA), AANA recognized fellowship or have submitted an application to the ACGME prior to August 15. Unaccredited positions are clearly designated in the Participating Programs listing and on the San Francisco Match Web site. Unaccredited positions DO NOT qualify for sub specialty certification in sports medicine through the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery.

    Programs listed on the AOSSM website are the programs that have agreed to participate in the Match. Military programs are handled through the Military Match and are not listed on our site.

    It is particularly important that resident applicants, program directors and faculty, as well as residency directors and faculty fully understand the match process and policies.


    Program Directors will need to log into their AOSSM account to view the Orthopaedic Sports Medicine and Arthroscopy Match Agreement.


    Interview dates by region  


    Fellowship Match Programs for 2015 (Training Period 2016-2017)



    2014/15 Match Timeline
    For training beginning August 1, 2016 (ending July 31, 2017)


    July 30 – August 22, 2014: Programs to complete online Match Agreement and submit payment of $150 (payable to AOSSM).


    After August 22, 2014: Late fee of $500 will be applied 


    September 3, 2014: Registration opens for applicants on SF Match Web site. Applicants can register for match and download a copy of the CAS application.  List of participating fellowship programs on SF Match Web site. 


    October 1, 2014: Advertisements with the programs in AJSM, Arthroscopy and Sports Medicine Update. 


    November 3, 2014: Application Deadline. All applications must be received by SF Match to be distributed to fellowship programs. 


    December 1, 2014 – Interview invitations to be sent out by programs (no earlier than 12/1 though)


    January 2, 2015: Sports Medicine/Arthroscopy Interviews Begin 


    March 23, 2015: Sports Medicine/Arthroscopy Interviews End


    March 25, 2015: Rank lists due to SF Match from both programs and applicants 


    April 9, 2015: Match Day


    Statement on Communication-Post Interview



    Frequently Asked Questions Regarding the Match

    • Who is running the Match?
    • Are programs required to participate?
    • Who may participate in the orthopaedic sports medicine fellowship Match?
    • Can a participating program commit only some of its positions to the Match?
    • What are the incentives and benefits of participating in the Match?
    • Does the Match have disincentives (teeth)
    • Will applicants be penalized if they withdraw from the Match or if they fail to accept a matched position?
    • When will the Match occur?
    • How can I make an informed decision about participating in the Match?
    • How much will it cost to participate in the Match?