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accommodate expansion cards. These
cards are used to expand your memory,
store files and software applications,
and back up your data. There are
also expansion slots that can be used
for both wireless and wire networking,
access to global positioning satellite
information, image scanning, digital
cameras, and more.

Handwriting Recognition

There are essentially two types of
PDAs: handhelds and palm tops.
Handhelds incorporate a keyboard.
Palmtops have no keyboard and
rely on stylus-enabled handwriting
recognition software. This may be
achieved with modified-stroke
handwriting systems such as the
Palm OS’s “Graffiti” system. Other
handwriting recognition systems
recognize either cursive or block
handwriting styles. For those who do
not want a keyboard, it is important
to purchase a PDA with good hand-
writing recognition software. Light-
weight foldable full-size keyboards
are available for both the Palm OS
and Pocket PC devices if desired.

Voice Recognition most likely to be of use to the medical ness by eliminating dictation and tran-
Although voice recognition is currently community include patient tracking, scription costs. There are a number
available for PDAs, it is not yet very medical reference resources (see of Palm OS and Pocket PC based
functional. There should be more Table 1), pharmacopeias, billing and EMR software applications with a
functional voice recognition programs coding systems, and diagnostic tools. variety of features:
for everyday use in the future.
Patient Tracking and Electronic Quickly create progress notes that
Voice Memo Medical Records are specialty-specific and personal-
This is a convenient feature that allows ized for your clinic using customiz-
the user to record voice memos or One of the more exciting healthcare able point-and-click templates.
patient notes for later playback using applications for the PDA is patient Access your patient records
a built-in microphone. tracking and generation of electronic anytime, anywhere using
medical records (EMR). Computer- real-time wireless technology.
Other Features based patient records can remedy the Generate referral letters from
New features are being developed all inherent flaws of the conventional chart notes.
the time, such as digital cameras, MP3 paper system by improving accessi- Generate forms such as “back to
players, presentation cards, and more. bility and quality while saving money. work” or “back to school” notes.
EMR systems increase cost-effective-
PDAs in the Medical Office

The development of specialized appli-
cations has led to the sale of millions
of PDAs for use by health care profes-
sionals. The categories of software

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